Category: Tractors & Telehandlers

Used Kubota M5-091 Narrow

Make: Kubota Model: M5-091 Narrow Year: 2018 Hours: Under 2500 Location:  Alton (Hampshire) Description:  One used Kubota M5-091 Narrow Tractor 36/36 Transmission with Power Shuttle Supplied and maintained by us from new. **POA**  

Kubota L1382

Make: Kubota Model: L1382 Year: New (2024) Hours: N/A Location:  Haywards Heath (Sussex) & Alton (Hampshire) Description:  New Kubota L1382 Hydrostatic Transmission, 3 Range Speed, 540 PTO RPM, 38hp. Multiple machines in stock now, ready for delivery asap! ** Special

Kubota M6-101U

Make: Kubota Model: M6-101U Year: New (2024) Hours: N/A Location:  Haywards Heath (Sussex) Description:  New Kubota M6-101U 101hp  24/24 40KPH Semi Powershift Transmission 0% Finance Available Loader Available 540/1000 RPM PTO Speeds  Standard 5 YEARS/2000 HOURS ** SOLD**  

Kubota M7171 KVT

Make: Kubota Model: M7171 KVT Year: 2017 Hours: 4650 Location: Alton (Hampshire) Description:  Used Kubota M7171 KVT Complete with:- Front Linkage, Front PTO. Auto Steer Ready ** SOLD**  

Kubota M6-142 Demo

Make: Kubota Model: M6-142 Year: New Hours: N/A Location: Alton (Hampshire) + Haywards Heath (Sussex) Description:  Our New Kubota M6-142 Premium is due in soon for Demonstrations 142hp Boosted to 162hp Front Axle & Cab Suspension Power Shift Transmission LK2100M

Kubota L2-622

Make: Kubota Model: L2-622 Year: 2023 Hours: Under 100 Location: Alton (Hampshire) Description:  Kubota L2-622, 60hp, hydrostatic transmission, full cab with climate control, turf tyres. Up to 5 year warranty. Contact us to book a demo! **Machine available for demonstrations**

New Kubota RO90 Wheeled Loader

Make: Kubota Model: RO90 Wheeled Loader Year: New Hours: N/A Location: Alton (Hampshire) Description:  New Kubota RO90 Wheeled Loader, 65hp, Hydrostatic Transmission, up to 5 Year Warranty. Contact our sales departments or send us a message to arrange a quotation/demo

Kubota B2231 Compact Tractor

Make: Kubota Model: B2231 Year: NEW Hours: N/A Location: Alton (Hampshire) & Cuckfield (West Sussex) Description:  New Kubota B2231, 23hp, Hydrostatic Transmission, Power Steering, Turf Tyres (AG Option). 2 Year Kubota Warranty. **Machines in stock now!!**  

New Kubota BX231 Sub Compact Tractor

Make: Kubota Model: BX231 Sub Compact Tractor Year: New Hours: N/A Location: Alton (Hampshire) Description:  New Kubota BX231 Compact Tractor. 23hp and 26hp variants, Hydrostatic Transmission, Power Steering, AG, Turf or Industrial Tyres.  Various Loader, Deck and Collector Options.  2